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I ordered $225.00 in clothing. Non of which fit.

Their sizing is way off and you can’t get hold of anyone. To contact them they say their email is service@Berrylook. com which comes back as an invalid address, you can’t get them by phone because the number is bogus. I noticed others reviews with the same problems.

You can’t get a return mailing label because you can’t get hold of anyone. On top of it all I made my purchase February 22nd didn’t arrive till exactly a month later. Half of the order came but the remaing items never came. I got an email saying “ my location is not available sowasnt delivered.

What the heck!!!

You have to cancel orders within the 24 hours of purchase for a refund . How are you suppose to know if items fit or not. Then they say after 24 hrs. Of purchase they MAY offer a portion of money back plus a 15% service fee!

What ??? I have reported this problem to channel 4 NBC in Los Angeles , where the IT team (investigation).

I’m so angry that this company gets away with this BS and yet I haven’t read any reviews where people have taken action.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clothing.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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This site is a bogus site. Items are not sized properly and can't get a hold of anyone or return them.

When you order it doesn't mention the site is from Hong Kong.

Do not order from them. Now I'm stuck with 6 shirts that are marked xl and they are like an xxs


This is a company based in Hong Kong. They don’t give a *** about your complaint. They’re too busy laughing at stupid Americans who buy their garbage off of Facebook.